Ann Arbor


"Wendy is one of the most talented psychic readers that I've ever encountered. I really am amazed at how well she can read the people and events in my life. It's really fun to watch! Sometimes I just pause during a reading and say, “I can't believe how quickly you accurately described that person!” Most importantly, she helps me figure out difficult situations and what she sees is often reassuring. Besides being a gifted psychic, Wendy is a warm person, easy to talk to, and is always very positive. If you're trying to figure out what's going on in any situation of your life, I highly recommend getting a reading with Wendy."

Mark from Seattle

"I found Wendy on-line and liked what I read about her from the beginning-- that she works toward the higher good. I was attracted right away to how she described her work and purpose. It was a positive experience immediately from making an appointment, to how to get in her office, she responds right away and on a very positive energy level. When I got to her office, everything was even better that I could have hoped. She right away connected with my deceased husband and described him to a T. I loved hearing that he was watching over me and she captured his energy and personality. She described my current situation so completely and offered lots of comfort and reassurance for the future. The detail that she goes into is incredible and her vision is amazing… and when she describes things it’s almost as if she knows your personal language—she describes them kind of using your own words. I cannot get her reading off of my mind, and friends and family are amazed by it as well. Even a few things that she described that seemed unimportant—have already started to come to light. She was very specific about my current relationship and I believe nailed it correctly and offered some validation that I needed to hear. I highly recommend her to anyone…it is such a great experience. She has a true and amazing gift! Thank you Wendy!"


"Wendy, the reading you did for me today was awesome. Despite being in two different corners of the world, with totally divergent cultures, the way you exactly pointed out the various happenings in my life is truly amazing. You could identify clearly my family members and other people in my life, which has proved beyond doubt your psychic abilities. You were quite accurate about my working style and lifestyle. I shall take your valuable suggestions and implement them in my life. I am waiting for all those predictions about my future life, which you had made, to come true. I feel that God feels special about you and that is why He has endowed you with psychic powers - to help people in distress. In case anybody needs guidance, they can always bank on Wendy! God bless you."

Padmaja from India

"I had the unexpected opportunity of meeting Wendy after losing my mother. We met and to my amazement she had pulled my whole family on the other side, even a great grandfather I never knew. Wendy has sure been there for me through this journey. I would recommend her to anyone that wants messages from the other side, or even to have Wendy talk to your higher self offering you some different avenues that your conscious mind has not figured out yet."

Martha Arnet Moomey

"I can’t tell you how helpful your reading was to me. There are some things you had said that have already started to happen. You were predicting things well into the future but some of the more immediate predictions have already come true. Wow! You are so tuned in to a timeless level of energy. It’s amazing. Thank you."


"Wendy’s reading was right on target. I could tell that she picked up the person I asked her about, because she described him perfectly. Her reading helped me see dynamics that were hidden. Wendy is friendly and easy to talk to. She has integrity and genuinely cares about the people she reads for. I highly recommend her."

Lorraine Coburn, MSW

"This was my first time visiting with Wendy. I must say that I went in with an open mind not knowing really what to expect. I came out from the reading with a sense of calm and knowledge that I was on the right path. After only a few weeks many of the things that she predicted have happened. I would recommend Wendy highly and look forward to having a follow up reading in the future."

Joyce Sager

"I had no idea that anyone can read someone like Wendy did me, but that tells me that she is truly gifted. Wendy read my life like she was reading a book. Her insight into the future has been accurate. She has a strength of compassion with her readings, which gives you, as a client, a sense of comfort and trust. She prepared me for the ups and downs in my life and I am grateful to her for the strength she showed that I had within me, that I had forgotten that I had. I'm so happy my friend told me about her. All the best and she is simply remarkable."

Tammy Reese

"I have known Wendy since 1998. What I know to be true is that she is gifted. She is able to communicate in the spirit world and provide useful insight and information to those of us in the physical world. She is honest and true in her delivery of information. She has helped me to gain insight into my life, and I know she will do the same for you."

Dr. Andrea Brisson

"Wendy Piepenburg is AMAZING! She truly is gifted. I have met with her twice and the ability she has to identify with the past, present, and future is right on. She is easy to talk to and is a very compassionate, warm person. I had her come to my home and invited some friends for a reading. Everyone was amazed at the level of information they received. I have referred her to all of my friends and family. I highly recommend Wendy and her gift."

Mary Stoner

"I feel truly blessed to have met Wendy, and her insight and ability to help others see their true path with kindness is amazing. I recommend her to anyone who is at a transitional period in life, or who is seeking answers about how to grow into the best person they can be. My story: I have a friend who wanted to get a reading for her birthday and we went to see Wendy. I was the most skeptical one of the group. I was very out of touch with my spirituality and basically a non-believer. Wendy had a very important message to tell me and I was truly amazed at her insight and accuracy. Since that time, she has helped me to navigate my path toward being my authentic self. She is kind, trustworthy, and has a great sense of integrity."


"My 24 year old son committed suicide leaving me with feelings of great sadness, guilt, and questions. I contacted Wendy with the hope that she could get in contact with my son and give me some answers to painful questions and haunting memories. I am so thankful for Wendy's gift to connect with the other side. Not only did my son come through but so did my deceased husband. It gives me peace to know that my son and husband are together and both are happy and at peace. I now have a better understanding for the ‘why’ and now know that there was nothing more I could have done to change the outcome of my son's choice to end his own life. While I still feel an underlying sadness it is no longer all consuming. I finally feel like the healing has begun. Wendy is compassionate and very kind with a real gift to communicate the messages our passed on loved ones have for us. Wendy is amazing in her ability to bring forth information that she would have no way of knowing other than to actually be communicating with the other side. I highly recommend Wendy - with no doubt about her integrity and gift."

Peg Haight

"From the second Wendy walked into our home she was answering questions that had lingered since we had purchased the house. We knew we had spirits living with us we just needed to know more about them. She was able to tell us about both the man and little girl who had been seen in our home by various people. Information given about the little girl and our property was later confirmed by our neighbor. For example, the older gentleman who had lived in the home back in the 1940's grew cherry trees and Wendy had picked up on cherry trees in our back yard. Currently we have only a peach tree. Also she said the little girl spirit told her she died from an accident with a vehicle in front of our home. Our neighbor confirmed that in the 1950's a little girl was hit by a car and killed right in front of our home! With Wendy's help she finally crossed to the other side. By the time she left we felt at ease, the house was quiet, and all of our questions had been answered. To have Wendy's help in documenting our experiences is just awesome. Thank you Wendy for sharing your gift with us!"

Nathan & Tela Geiger

"I just came back from meeting with Wendy and I am really blown away. She was awesome. She came up with my mother's name. The fact that there was always a bone of contention, kiddingly, between my mother and me over my name. She also knew the name of the father of a man that I haven't actually started dating yet but have a strong connection to. I went to her because of an experience I had regarding this man and she picked up on it. I have been to other psychics but I was extremely happy with Wendy and would recommend anyone go to her. She is authentic."


"Wendy, You are wonderful and I would recommend you to any and all that are looking for a truly gifted psychic. I can't believe how right on you have been with the readings you have given me so far. I can't wait to have another reading done with you! I look forward to speaking with you again soon! Truly amazingly awesome!!"


"If I had to describe psychic/medium Wendy Piepenburg in a single sentence, it would be this: “Wendy Piepenburg is a gift to us from the Other Side.” My session with Wendy was one of the most profound and encouraging moments of my life. After experiencing considerable loss and upheaval in my life over the past several years, I needed some direction and guidance and thought of trying a session with a psychic/medium. To my amazement, Wendy was right on target with everything she said and exceeded all expectations. The information came in pieces at first - seeming like a puzzle as Wendy and I ran through the information she was receiving. As the session continued, these pieces began falling into place, completing pictures and describing events with astonishing accuracy. Information that didn’t make sense at first, made perfect sense later in the session or even afterwards. She made contact with some of my deceased family members, describing them either by name or initial, along with accurate, detailed descriptions of their physical appearances when alive - even describing when and how two of them died. She shared with me their messages and told me who was watching over me at all times. The details were highly specific and not generalizations. She accurately stated the name of my boss and described my work life as if she worked in my office. She told me my purpose on this earth, without knowing that the career path she described is the path that I’m on. For years I’ve worried that my life and career have careened off course, only to be assured by Wendy that I am on the path for which I was put here. Since Wendy knew nothing about me when I arrived, there was no way for her to know this information otherwise. She gave me highly specific details about me that even those closest to me do not know. Wendy is the real deal. She is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received. My one session with her left me with two invaluable messages that will influence the rest of my life. Firstly, Wendy’s descriptions of my deceased loved ones assured me that I am truly never alone in this life. My loved ones are always with me, watching over me and waiting for me. Secondly, she has erased years of doubt and self-recrimination, showing me that I am on my intended life path. Wendy truly is a gift from the spirit world – proof that we are never alone and that we will see our loved ones again. I’m grateful to have received the gift of her amazing talent and the pleasure of meeting her warm, beautiful self. I will be a life-long client. Thank you so very much, Wendy."

Michelle Jean

"In the first 5 minutes of talking to Wendy she clearly blew me away. She touched upon important people in my life and explained them perfectly. She also saw things in myself that I was aware of but she put clarity there. I did have some relationship questions and she was able to explain why things happened and the personality type of the person I was asking about. She also touched upon a person that had come back in to my life by asking if this person lived out of state, yes he does, was married before, yes he was, involved with someone else, yes he is and saw the name Eric around him, his last name is Erickson!!! She actually told me so much without asking any questions. Wendy is remarkable. She is easy to talk to, kind, friendly and feels what you feel. Wendy also knew my Mom had passed away and was able to connect with her and made me feel confident that my Mom was at peace from the things she said about her. Wendy is genuine and really cares about the well being in your life. The detailed and precise information she gave has helped and I am so grateful I have found her to turn to when I need help. I will continue to come back and back. Thank you for the great reading Wendy!!!"

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