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About Me

I’ve always been psychic. People ask, “When did you know?” As soon as I knew I could breathe, I think! As time progressed my gift only expanded. Today I recognize my ability as my true calling, my own truest path, and I treat it with great responsibility and gratitude although, through the years there were times when I repressed the gift and looked in every other direction than the obvious. As a child I’d know about events in advance, people’s lives I didn’t “know”, sense the history and events of places I’d visit, feel the strong presence of a loved one who had crossed over, receive “messages” from them, and others. I knew I was different when I realized that not everyone around me was seeing or sensing what I was. My mother always knew too, and always listened. She herself is clairaudient and clairsentient. My parents were supportive of my abilities, and this allowed me to follow my own inner compass unencumbered, and to authentically work to help others through my abilities. Still, I didn’t readily share my gifts or experiences with everyone as a child. At that time, although I knew it was a gift from God, and in the history of my own family, I didn’t quite know what to do with it. I did know I felt extremely protective of it. I'd read “Life After Life,” by Raymond Moody by age ten, and around that time I was also inspired as well by Elizabeth Kuebler Ross who wrote “On Death and Dying,” trying to learn about the spiritual world I was experiencing beyond the veil. I practiced testing myself around people and places to see if what I “saw” could be proven later. A reverend I knew guided me then as I believe he does now, and taught me of spirit guides, angels, and faith. As a teen I became more comfortable with my psychic insights and learned that the “pictures” I saw were meaningful to people other than myself, and that there is a thin veil between this world and the other side. During this time I was also experiencing the loss of many loved ones and the grief broke me open to possibility as I became further aware that there is more to this life than the parameters of our physical existence. In addition, two near death experiences further increased my abilities and awareness. I started to talk about some of my psychic experiences with friends, family, and strangers alike. If I “saw” something I felt compelled to tell that person or it didn’t go away.

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