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Seeing Shamrocks
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

She sat down across from me, and I could sense her skepticism, and a little fear. She was tough, but vulnerable on the inside, so vulnerable. It's not easy letting someone "see" you sometimes. I began to "tap in" as I call it. I had not read for her before, and the reading was scheduled to be short as I was reading many others that evening at the event. I immediately felt someone (whom no one else could see) pressing against my head, trying to get my attention for her. I began to tell her what I was seeing, and feeling...a younger male, who cared about her very much and whom had crossed over some time ago, and who was quite persistent in getting my attention with the pressing. I actually talked to him out knock it off and that I "got" him ;)  I must have looked crazy I know, but this is my reality. The pressing subsided. I felt dizzy. He had overdosed, and I knew it was accidental. I continued.."Was he kind of a kidder, acts a bit like a teenager?" I asked, because of the pressing. "Yes" she laughed. I told her he had also felt some dizziness and pressure in his own head before he crossed over and she confirmed his overdose.  "There is something about March. This month...with him. And I'm seeing shamrocks. He was Irish. Do you know if he was Irish also?" His name was Patrick. He was a love of hers from the past and was sorry that he couldn't say goodbye. Not only was I feeling the Irish connection, but I felt very strongly that there is something significant about a date this month, "around now" I said. "Today was his birthday" she said.

There is no death. Only transformation.